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Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley
Member Testimonials 
Marlene and Jonathan Green 

We recently moved to Arizona, and knew we wanted to sink new roots into the Jewish community in the West Valley. We visited Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley, met the Rabbi, attended services, and immediately felt the warmth and welcoming of the congregation. 


We were impressed that Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan came over to our home to welcome us and ask about our history and interests. We joined, and found the congregation very inviting. We have enjoyed some of the adult education programs.


I've gotten involved in the treasury function, the Outreach Committee, and Marlene is co-chairing the Social Action Committee. We are very happy with our decision to join, and feel our efforts to contribute to the congregation are well-received and appreciated.

Gloria and Steve Bold
Steve and Gloria Bold.

Steve and I were snowbirds for 3 years, until our daughter told us she was expecting our first grandchild.  So we bought a place in Sun City and quit the back & forth to the East Coast.  We were sad to leave our temple in Rehoboth, Delaware!

We had gone with our daughter to their synagogue in Scottsdale.  It was too big for us & a long drive.  We decided to try Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley since it was nearby.  We felt welcomed and liked those we met. The next week, several people recognized us and we told them we were looking for a synagogue! 


After attending services several times, we knew we had found our new home. Friendships have grown & both of us are getting involved.  We are a close community of committed Jews.  It has made a huge difference in our life. We love Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan and look forward to many more years at Temple Beth Shalom.

Julie Ponce
Julie Ponce photo

I’m originally from Puebla, Mexico. I started attending my very much beloved Temple Beth Shalom in 2019. Since then, I have always felt welcomed by every member.

Temple Beth Shalom has a profound meaning for me; it means family, friends, wonderful Shabbat celebrations, happy Onegs, and a marvelous Rabbi who is always there to offer emotional support when I need it.

I have found my home at Temple Beth Shalom!

Steve Siegel and Robert Koch
Robert Koch and Steve Siegel

Before we joined Temple Beth Shalom we started Shul shopping around the Phoenix area. There were so many choices to choose from. It became overwhelming. None of the other congregations felt right to us. Plus most were on the other side of town and as many of you know it’s a schlep. 

After talking with then president Jan Sodos and the temple educator, Elissa Rose, they gave us the highlights of the temple and this wonderful community. So we began attending services and we decided to join. We then joined the Brotherhood and started attend Torah study with Rabbi Sheldon Moss.


This was the community we needed and wanted to be a part of. Then something struck us. We were reading a message from Mary Gill Savoren in the Shofar that said: “We (TBS) have always welcomed individuals and families of varying  Jewish lifestyles. We are particularly sensitive to the need for inclusion of both traditional and non-traditional family structures.” The message rang home to us. 


We want to thank the members of Temple Beth Shalom for opening their arms and welcoming Bob and I into your family. 

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