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Hy Mandell Biblical Garden

Biblical Garden 6.jpg

Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley's Biblical Garden were created by member Hy Mandell.

The Garden has trees and plants which are noted in the Bible. Trees include fig trees, a large carob, almond, citron, henna, acacia, olive trees, Aleppo pines, pomegranate and frankincense.  Plants include a rose garden, myrtle bushes, cassia bushes, cedar, rosemary, agave and aloe.

In addition, there is an arbor with rose bushes and a Jacob’s ladder. A slate path leads around the Garden with “stepping stones” covered with stain glass art work created by congregants.

A highlight of the Garden is that each tree or plant also has a plaque labeling the plant plus the Biblical reference in English and Hebrew. 

A geniza vault was added by Hy to the Garden for the proper burial of older, unusable books and artifacts.  Adjacent to the Garden is the Sukkah frame.  Every Sukkot, the Brotherhood places palm fronds on the top of the Sukkah and the religious school students decorate it.

The  Garden was used by the religious school for gatherings.  Their students added plants to the herb garden.      

Over the years, the Garden has been maintained by members of the congregation. Pam Katz is the Garden's “Guardian.”  She helps with the tree trimming, raking and handiwork by fellow congregants.

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