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Adult Education

Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley members in a "Humor and Judaism" class presented by Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan.


Lifelong learning is a cornerstone of Reform Judaism. At Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley, we provide a variety of opportunities to assist our members in finding educational offerings that meet the varying needs of our members.


Whether it be the weekly study of Torah with Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, a four-week class on Kabbalah, a participative program to enable learners to identify the meaning of God on a personal level, or an interfaith study of “Rabbi Jesus” open to Jewish and non-Jewish members of the West Valley, or a scholar-in-residence who spoke on the theft of art from the Jews of France during the Holocaust, we offer something for everyone.


The Adult Education Committee and Rabbi Kaplan are developing  course offerings through May 2024.  For most months, there will be two courses on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, and there will be a few "extras" added here and there. We will also be introducing a new weekly study group for the serious learner which will focus on God.  All our courses are open to TBS members and non-members, whether the non-member is Jewish or a member of another religion.

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