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Caring Committee

Two sets of hands holding to show compassionate care.

Dr. Jack Pearlman and Phyllis Jacobs started our Caring Committee over 20 years ago.  

The Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley Caring Committee specializes in building connections with our congregants and their immediate  family members during times of health crisis and beyond.  Our congregants live in Arizona while most of our family members are scattered around the world. We do not wish any member to feel alone or afraid during any time of stress.  Our professional Caring Committee Team is personal, physical, spiritual and loving. We have been dedicated for many, many years to our congregation.

We reach out via telephone calls, visits and prayers. We are available to all at-risk congregants at any time of the day or night.   Our Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan is also  on OUR team.  

Prayers have marvelous healing powers. The close contact and gentle embraces we provide will help on your road to recovery.

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