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Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley members enjoy a potluck before Shabbat services.

A chavurah is a small group of like-minded Jews who assemble for the purposes of sharing communal activities, experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning. TBS members with similar interests, let’s get together and create some Chavurots! Attend regularly and make your small group a priority. Work together to make the meetings something to look forward to. There are current TBS members who joined a Chavurah 20 years ago and are still connected to this day. If there’s sufficient interest, we’ll have a large group meeting where you’ll come together here at the temple then break off into small, like-minded groups. You’ll take it from there, deciding the details about meeting times and places. Members will take turns hosting, planning, and executing. Enjoy! Here are a few ideas: • New TBS Member • Cooking or Baking • Photography • Crafts • Cards or Games • Illinois Bunch for Brunch • New York Bunch for Brunch • Coffee Connoisseurs • Homemade Ice Cream Socials • Tea Parties • Music and the Arts • Bowling

Please call Sandy Shedroff at 623.376.8737, 623.670.3725 or and let us know your ideas, suggestions, and interests.

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