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  • Archived Shofar Monthly Newsletters | Tbswvaz

    Archived Shofar Monthly Newsletters Here are archived issues of Shofar, Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley's monthly newsletter. May 2024 April 2024 March 2024 February 2024 J anuary 2024 2023 December 2023 November 2023 October 2023 September 2023 August 2023 July 2023 June 2023 May 2023 April 2023 March 2023 February 2023 January 2023 ​ 2022 December 2022 November 2022 October 2022 September 2022 August 2022 July 2022 June 2022 May 2022 April 2022 March 2022 February 2022 January 2022

  • Clergy | Tbswvaz

    Rabbi Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley Clergy Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan and Temple Beth Shalom proudly open their arms to all in the West Valley who may be interested in Jewish approaches to spirituality and community. Rabbi Kaplan is focused on building our temple family through an inclusive, open-door approach that views the congregation as an extension of our relationship circles. He believes that creating a spiritual family is multi-generational, as our children and grandchildren are an integral part of sustaining our spiritual growth. Rabbi Kaplan is always willing to sit over coffee, go for a walk, or meet at the Temple with anyone from the community. We welcome you to come visit at one of our warm Friday night services, which is the highlight of the week, or join us for one of our other social, educational, or service events. These times together not only provide opportunities to make new friends and find emotional support, but they can also help us learn to utilize Judaism in a way to build a life of meaning. ​ Before arriving at Temple Beth Shalom, Rabbi Kaplan was the interim rabbi of the Springhill Avenue Temple in Mobile, Alabama. During his time in Mobile, he was also a teacher in the Department of Theology at Spring Hill College. Prior to 2015, he was the rabbi of the United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston, Jamaica, becoming the first rabbi to serve the country in 33 years. He has also previously led congregations in Albany, Georgia, and Cape Town, South Africa. ​ Rabbi Kaplan is the author and editor of several books, including most recently A Life of Meaning: Embracing Reform Judaism’s Sacred Path. Published by CCAR Press – the official publisher for the entire Reform movement – it is a collection of short, entertaining articles by a broad range of the most important Reform rabbinic thinkers active today. The book provides a range of perspectives on modern Judaism, describing theological and practical ways to find purpose in life, both as individuals and as a community. ​ Along with his time as our rabbi, Rabbi Kaplan continues to be involved in various programs, lectures, and conferences in order to understand the history and theology of Reform Judaism and to discuss ways to make Judaism a vibrant religious form of spirituality for the twenty-first century. As a new resident of Arizona, he also hopes to cycle and hike in and on the many mountains in the Greater Phoenix area. Rabbi Kaplan looks forward to meeting each and every congregant, as well as those who might be interested in becoming a part of our community. You can contact him through the Temple office by phone or email him directly at . Check out Rabbi Kaplan's website: Cantor Baruch Koritan Baruch Koritan has served as Cantor at Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley in Sun City since 1992. Also, he is a composer and has been invited to perform his new liturgical settings at workshops and conventions of American Conference of Cantors and Guild of Temple Musicians (ACC/GTM) and Cantors Assembly in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. He is a protégé of Cantor Stephen Richards, and began his cantorial career performing a Shabbat service with Rabbi Albert Plotkin in Phoenix. Baruch’s singing career began as a child in Workman Circle schools and music festivals at University of Pennsylvania. Later he attended New Hope Academy of the Arts, Philadelphia Institute of Music, Temple University, Scottsdale Community College, University of Madrid, and U. S. Marine Corps Reserve (Honorable Discharge). In 1999, Cantor Howard Tabaknek commissioned him to write an Erev Shabbat Service for Temple Beth Israel, Scottsdale, AZ. He released a CD, “Shalom to You,” in 2000, featuring many of his own songs and those of the Diaspora in five languages. A former runner-up in the Liberace Piano Competition, he also played piano for the album. His own original cover art for the CD was purchased for TBS and welcomes all into its lobby. Baruch has been on the faculty of Bureau of Jewish Education, Scottsdale, since 2006. He also maintains a private voice studio and is a member of National Association of Teachers of Singing. ​ Watch a video of Cantor Koritan singing “Shalom Aleichem.” You can contact him through the Temple office by phone or email him directly at .

  • Saturday Morning Shabbat Services | Tbswvaz

    Saturday Morning Shabbat Service Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley w ill present its first monthly informal Saturday Morning Shabbat service and discussion at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 23. It will be followed by a potluck Kiddush brunch. It is the first in a series of monthly Saturday Shabbat services, including April 13 and May 18. For more information, visit

  • Leadership | Tbswvaz

    Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan Leadership Te mple Beth Shalom of the West Valley's leadership members for 2023-24 are: ​ President: Steve Bold Immediate Past President: Fay Henning-Bryant Treasurer: Jonathan Green 1st Vice President: Warren Bentkover Vice President: Bea Eisenberg Vice President: Carmen Berkowitz Recording Secretary: Sara Jane Feldman Financial Secretary: Rich Lieber Trustee: Nan Rubin-Lieber Trustee: Pam Katz Trustee: Bernie Arum Trustee: Ellyn Ventura Trustee: Russ Robbins Trustee: Gloria Bold Sisterhood President: Roz Goldstein Brotherhood President: Glen Zelkind

  • The Jewish State's Struggle to Survive | Tbswvaz

    A Scary Time: The Jewish State's Struggle to Survive ​ Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley, 12202 N. 101st Ave., will present a four-week interfaith course in June open to anyone interested in the status of the State of Israel. Persons of all faiths are invited. Classes will be from 10-11 a.m. Mondays, June 3, 10, 17 and 24. Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan of Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley will lead the discussion. Through his contacts in Israel, he is able to provide participants with timely and informative information. “The State of Israel is facing extremely serious security threats from terrorist groups based in Gaza, the West Bank, South Lebanon, Syria and Yemen — all of them supported by Iran. The massacre in Israel perpetuated by Hamas on Oct. 7 continues to reverberate in Israel, throughout the region, and now in many other parts of the world. More recently, the Iranian government fired missiles and drones toward Israel in an attack that would have been seen as a declaration of war under normal circumstances,” Rabbi Kaplan said. Class participants will look at the current situation from different points of view and what the near future is likely to hold in the future for Israel. At the same time, they’ll look at the impact of the Israel-Gaza War on American Jews and on American society more broadly. “Blatant antisemitism, much of which is aggressive and advocating violence, has become overt, appearing in the newspapers every day in the form of reporting predominantly on pro-Palestinian protests in cities across the country. At the same time, there seems to be a growing aversion to this widespread social acceptance of antisemitism and a feeling that American society needs to finally grapple with the hatred of the Jews expressed as anti-Zionism,” Rabbi Kaplan said. Cost is $20 for Temple members and $35 for non-members. Registration deadline is noon May 29 by calling the Temple Beth Shalom office at 623.977.3240. More information is available at .

  • Library | Tbswvaz

    Edith Mattal Library The TBS library has a significant collection of non-fiction Judaica and quite a lot of fiction by Jewish authors or with Jewish themes. ​ The Mattal Trust Fund purchased a group of 2021 and 2022 National Jewish Book Award (NJBA) winners for the library at Temple Beth Shalom. The library is open when the office is open, or when there are other open meetings or services. Come in to browse the shelves and take home a book or three to read.

  • Social | Tbswvaz

    Social Activities ​ To be a devoted Reform Jew is to do many things. One of the most important is to work toward making th e world a better place. Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley offers many ways to make new friends, celebrate and support one another through good times and bad, and volunteer to help the Temple and the entire community. ​ So cial Action Committee : We work together as a community to try to help the lives of at least a few people. For example, we have been supporters of the Valley View Community Food Bank in Sun City since it was founded in 2007. ​ Brotherhood: Our Brotherhood was established in 1979 at Temple Beth Shalom to promote fellowship and service to the Temple. Toward that goal, the Brotherhood sponsors Temple fundraisers and social events. ​ Sisterhood : All women Temple members are invited to join the Sisterhood. First-year Temple members receive a complimentary membership to Sisterhood. ​ Chavurah: Temple Beth Shalom members with similar interests get together to share communal activities and Jewish learning. ​ Community Projects : From canned goods to cereal, Temple members make donations as part of the "Can Do" monthly campaign to benefit the Valley View Community Food Bank. ​ Caring Committee: Our Caring Committee specializes in building connections with our congregants and their immediate family members during times of health crisis and beyond. Book Club : The TBS Book Club meets by Zoom the third Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. Most books are Jewish-related fiction and non-fiction, but not always. ​ Grief Group : Are you experiencing grief or depression? The grief group meets monthly (except during the summer) at the Temple for all members and non-members. ​ For more information, the Temple office at 623.977.3240. A Jewis h Community for a Better You and a Better Worl d

  • Services Guide | Tbswvaz

    Service Guide Our service guide provides constant access to the music and teachings of our service. Our prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, can also be accessed by clicking the button. Follow the entire service or select individual parts of service by clicking on the links. View Our Shabbat Prayer Book Here Watch a Recent Shabbat Service

  • Chavurah | Tbswvaz

    Chavurah A chavurah is a small group of like-minded Jews who assemble for the purposes of sharing communal activities, experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning. TBS members with similar interests, let’s get together and create some Chavurots! Attend regularly and make your small group a priority. Work together to make the meetings something to look forward to. There are current TBS members who joined a Chavurah 20 years ago and are still connected to this day. If there’s sufficient interest, we’ll have a large group meeting where you’ll come together here at the temple then break off into small, like-minded groups. You’ll take it from there, deciding the details about meeting times and places. Members will take turns hosting, planning, and executing. Enjoy! Here are a few ideas: • New TBS Member • Cooking or Baking • Photography • Crafts • Cards or Games • Illinois Bunch for Brunch • New York Bunch for Brunch • Coffee Connoisseurs • Homemade Ice Cream Socials • Tea Parties • Music and the Arts • Bowling Please call Sandy Shedroff at 623.376.8737, 623.670.3725 or and let us know your ideas, suggestions, and interests.

  • Personal Jewish Spirituality | Tbswvaz

    Personal Jewish Spirituality Temple Beth Shalom presents Personal Jewish Spirituality adult education course Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley will present a four-part interfaith adult education course, “Personal Jewish Spirituality,” from 10-11 a.m. Thursdays, June 6, 13, 20 and 27 at the Temple, 12202 N. 101st Ave. Dana Evan Kaplan, Rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley, will lead this course and provide written materials each week that will help participants understand their own spirituality and find ways to enrich their own spiritual lives. “Many of us attend synagogue or church week after week and we enjoy the ritual and the liturgy, and, of course, the camaraderie. But how do we penetrate deeper within the theology of the religion in order to grasp the spiritual import that is being transmitted?,” Rabbi Kaplan said. This series will discuss how to conceptually understand personal Jewish spirituality and then turn that understanding into emotional responses that can enrich our spiritual lives. Course highlights include: The concept of the covenant between the children of Israel and God and how that love of God can manifest itself in our lives. Revelation: The idea that God gave us divine teachings, and try to translate that idea into experiential spirituality. What God wants us to do with this world and in this world and how social action can play a role in not only making the world a better place but in making us feel more connected with God. Discussing how these ideas can inform how we behave on a daily basis. We all know that we want to be good but how does that connect to our relationship with God? The goal of this course is to give us exposure to new ideas that can help us to live our lives in ways that are more organically connected with God. Cost is $20 for Temple members or $35 for non-Temple members. Register by noon June 3 by calling the Temple office at 623.977.3240 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. For more information, go to .

  • TBS Brochure | Tbswvaz

    Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley Brochure

  • Stand in Solidarity with Israel | Tbswvaz

    Stand in Solidarity with Israel How You Can Help Israel Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley is taking donations in support of Israel. Please make checks payable to Temple Beth Shalom. You can drop off your donation or mail it to Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley, 12202 N. 101st Ave., Sun City, AZ 85351. Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will be sent to the following charitable organizations: J FNA 2023 Israel Emergency Fund, Friends of the IDF Emergency Campaign and the Magen David Adom Emergency Medical Fund. Hundreds of people of different faiths joined Temple Beth Shalom of the West Valley members to stand in solidarity with Israel during an interfaith prayer service on Oct. 17 in the Sun City synagogue’s sanctuary. The Interfaith Solidarity Service is available for viewing on YouTube. They prayed for Israel and her people, the safe return of the hostages, safety of the Israel Defense Forces, healing of those innocent Israelis and tourists wounded in body and soul, and the comfort of grieving loved ones. Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan said: “We want to build a large unified interfaith community in the West Valley that will support Israel in its time of need. The religious leaders gathering together are very different in their religious views and political opinions, and we want to concentrate on the need for prayer in response to the terrible atrocities that Hamas committed against innocent Israeli civilians, foreign tourists, students and agricultural workers.” Along with Rabbi Kaplan, Temple Beth Shalom Cantor Baruch Koritan and Board President Steve Bold participated in the interfaith prayer service. Several people described their personal connections to Israel, including Barbara Gabriella Sodos, granddaughter of Temple Beth Shalom member Jan Sodos. Barbara, who lives in Holon, Israel, shared how her boyfriend was called up as a reserve senior medical officer and will be a first responder after troops go in on foot. Clergy from neighboring communities shared prayers and statements, including First Presbyterian Church in Sun City, Peace Lutheran Church of Peoria, Grace Bible Church in Sun City, Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Sun City West, Unity Spiritual Center in Sun City, Advent Episcopal Church in Sun City West, Sun Health Communities, Soka Gakkai International Nichiren Buddist community in Phoenix, First United Methodist Church of Sun City and Avista hospice and at the Palazzo Senior Living Center.

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